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Here is a great line up to the end 2017!

Dates for the remainder of 2017 are as follows,

12th September 2017

Brian Edwards
"The Evidence for the Bible"

Come and listen to Brian Edwards as he gives us an illustrated talk on  archaeology from a biblical perspective. 
Learn how archaeological evidence supports the biblical accounts, first from global flood legends around the world through Egyptian artifacts consistent with Israelites in Egypt from Joseph through Moses.
Then we shall see archaeology from the great empires that interacted with God's messianic nation Israel: neo-Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome.
This provides a background for the time of Christ and His Apostles.

Brian Edwards is the author of twenty books, including one on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, historical biographies on William Tyndale and John Newton. He edits the Day One Publications Travel guide series and preaches and lectures across the UK and abroad. 

Evidence for the Bible is published by Day One Publications and co-authored by Brian Edwards and Clive Anderson. From the museums and dig sites of the world items that authenticate or illustrate the biblical history are described and illustrated. No knowledge of archaeology is required and the text is both straightforward and fully referenced. There are easily understood timelines and longer article on particular subjects and an extended piece on the often false claims of archaeology. With 250 pages and over 200 colour pictures it is beautifully designed in hardback as a coffee-table book. It is already in its third printing and has proved immensely popular.

At these presentations the £25 book is sold for just £12.50! 

Commendations for the book:

‘This is a marvellous introduction to the finds of archaeology that illumine our understanding of the Bible.  It helps the reader to see that the biblical events and writings took place within history. When the reader studies the Bible, this book will serve as a wonderful tool to help get at its depth and richness. I highly recommend it.’

Prof. John D. Currid, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, USA.


Evidence for the Bible is accessible, informative and enjoyable. The Bible comes alive in a new way when we can understand and feel it within the living landscape from which it emerged. I warmly and wholeheartedly commend it.’

The Very Revd. James Atwell, Dean of Winchester, UK.

14th November 2017

Professor Stuart Burgess