Rugby Creation Science Group

Let True Science Speak



The speakers
We aim to bring you the best of the current speakers on the creation circuits both nationally and internationally.

The format for the event
Most of our talks will take place on a Tuesday evening when the doors will open at 6:30pm to give you time to look around the bookstalls and the display area before the talk commences at 7:30 sharp!

The evening will start with a welcome and a short time for any up-dates before the speaker begins. The main talk will normally last about an hour ( but this may vary from speaker to speaker ). This will allow time for questions and answers before drawing to a close at approximately 9:15pm. After the talk you will be offered light refreshments and another chance to examine the bookstalls, have a chat amongst yourselves or with any of the volunteers.

We do not charge for entry and neither do we 'send a bucket' round for donations, however we would explain that Rugby Creation Science Group is run on a voluntary basis and any help towards the running costs would be very much appreciated. A number of donation boxes are placed around the buildings or please speak to one of the stewards.


All of our Tuesday evening talks will take place at, 

Rugby Elim Church, 46, Cambridge St. Rugby, CV21 3NQ 

Our thanks go to the Rugby Elim Church for their generosity in allowing us the use of their excellent facilities.


For more information why not check out FORTHCOMING EVENTS