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Speakers now  being confirmed for 2020!

For the time being this was the last Tuesday evening meeting at the Elim church. Elim are in the process of revamping some of their own schedules and have offered us Monday evenings instead. We thank them for that. However this may be the time for us to consider other venues and days of the week. We have been pondering how we reach out to the larger community whilst nurturing  our Christian friends. Your comments would would be appreciated.

We must give thanks to the Elim church for so many years of support, we are truly grateful, but we now see this as an opportunity for the Rugby Creation Science Group to go on tour!  We would like to reach out to others within the Christian community and to encourage sceptics to come along and join in the debate.

So we are seeking for venus that are not necessarily church orientated and might attract some people from outside the church. However our aim is to enlighten the church to the truth of God's Word and have good healthy discussions. Our venues might vary over the coming months, we will do our best to keep you informed.

OK our first venture will now be hosted at The Woodlands Centre, 53 Cymbeline Way, Rugby, CV22 6JZ.

Our next talk will be given by, 

Dr. Richard Barrett (B Sc. Ph D, C.Chem. C.Sci. F.R.S.C. F.W.M.S.)

The Subject title is, " A Brief History of Time" 

come and join us at 6.30, The woodlands Centre, 53 Cymbeline Way, Rugby, CV22 6JZ. 

Prof Colin Reeves will be speaking at our July meeting on Saturday 4th.July 2020.

Here is a synopsis and CV:

 Is Early Genesis Poetry?

 The nature of the early chapters of Genesis is disputed by evangelicals. Theistic evolutionists believe that Genesis, especially the first 3 chapters, is incompatible with the current understanding of science, and must therefore be viewed as 'poetry and allegory.' Ironically,  many liberal theologians had come to the conclusion that Genesis 1-11 is meant to be read in a literal, historical sense, giving the description of a 6-day creation, an identity between genealogy and chronology, and a worldwide flood. (Of course, as liberals, they think this is all fictitious.) This talk describes a statistical analysis of linguistic features of the Hebrew text of Gen.1. Does it fit the category of poetry, or historical narrative? I shall argue that there is overwhelming statistical evidence that Gen.1 is narrative.


Colin Reeves holds a PhD from Coventry University, where he was Professor of Operational Research. He is a Chartered Statistician, and his research interests focus on the mathematical and statistical foundations of evolutionary algorithms, on which he has published extensively. Now retired as Professor Emeritus, he continues to be involved in research and consultancy. He is also a trustee of the Biblical Creation Trust, and is active in creation research.