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Speakers now  being confirmed for 2020!

For the time being this will be the last Tuesday evening meeting at the Elim church. Elim are in the process of re-vamping some of their own schedules and have offered us Monday evenings instead. However this may be the time for us to consider other venues and days. We will be investigating alternatives and will keep you informed as soon as we know. 

Next on the agenda is Professor Andy McIntosh! Don't say that we don't bring you the best of the top leading Creation Speakers in the World. 

Tuesday evening March 3rd - 2020 at Elim church.  Professor Andy McIntosh

Talk subject now confirmed! But come along anyway because you know that it will be top notch.

Science, Mathematics and Beauty

A talk on the fact that Mathematics and Science has no meaning without a transcendent God.

This talk deals with a number of examples of the intriguing beauty and power of mathematics. Mathematics is more than a language and a tool of logic. When used to describe the physics of one system it is surprising how many other disciplines reflect the same principles so that the form of the equations can be similar. But we need to get underneath this and start with an even more fundamental concept concerning number itself. As Jason Lisle has said

“Numbers are concepts. Thus they are abstract in nature. They exist in the world of thought and are not material or physical. You cannot literally touch a number, or even see one, because they are not made of matter.”

We consider firstly the nature of abstract thought – the reality / meaning of logic. We then consider the nature of mathematics and its connection to reality. Thirdly we examine the language of mathematics and show that the only consistent reality that is coherent and works in science is one which accepts mind as more than matter and that abstract truth, meaning and purpose are realities which are transcendent to the physical Universe. We will lastly consider some well known examples of mathematics which cross over from one discipline to another.

Further talks are being lined up but may involve some changes to our normal routine. We will bring you all up to date when we know more ourselves. See above or About our Events.