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2019 - Speakers now  confirmed! and starting on 2020!

September 17th:- Dr Arthur Jones

Does Animal Variation Prove Evolution.


Arthur Jones BSc, MEd, PhD, CBiol, MSB is an Education Consultant and Director of Education Impact, Hyde, Cheshire, England, UK.

From 2010 part-time Director, Teacher Training Programmes, TeachBeyond (an international Christian organization providing transformational education to children and adults).  From 2009-13, part-time Tutor responsible for the co-ordination and development of the Foundation Degree in Evangelism, Mission Based Training, Church Army.

A teaching career spanning 40 years has included ten years in India and Nepal, and the headship of the pioneering Oak Hill Christian School (Bristol, UK).

Since 1995 he has devised and taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Christian practitioners, particularly those in the field of education.  He is the author of Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science (Romford: Christian Schools’ Trust, 1999) and No Home & Alone: A School Programme on Homelessness (Bristol: Global Concern, 1999).

November 19th:-  Philip Bell    CEO Creation Ministries International UK/Europe.

Ice age

Ice, the Bible and Time.

 Phew!! The Ice Age! What a great topic, and a chance to listen to a detailed explanation for the shape of the world that we see around us. When was the Ice age, and was there only one? Where does it fit in the Biblical timeline? What were the consequences of this dramatic event and what evidence is there for us to see today? A chance for Philip to reveal so much more on this intriguing topic. 

Philip will deal with glacial geomorphology (U-shaped valleys, glacial till, moraines, eskers, erratics etc.; all very visual), ice sheets, dry valleys in Antarctica, ice cores, glaciers (their real movements), Biblical Ice Age model and, if time, a bit on mammoths. 


January 21st - 2020  Colin Reeves

Talk Subject to be confirmed

March 3rd - 2020  Professor Andy McIntosh

Talk subject to be confirmed