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2019 - Speakers now  being confirmed!

More dates for 2019 are planned and will be announced as soon as we have confirmation.

March 5th 2019

Professor Stuart Burgess

 Stuart Burgess

A return visit of the ever popular Stuart Burgess. 

" Is Genesis 1 Literal History?"

A wide ranging discussion to confirm the authenticity of a literal History of Genesis 1 covering Theistic evolution, Adam and Eve,The Origin of death, Starlight, The age of the Earth and the Character of God. This would be an ideal time to bring along your sceptic friends and hear from a third party expert how science can support a Biblical interpretation of Origins. Moreover it draws to a logical conclusion for the need of the redeeming Grace of Jesus.
This will be a wonderful opportunity to encourage our Christian friends and to reach out to those who might be challenged to find out more about the Christian Faith and the trustworthiness of  the Bible.    

May 28th  

July 2nd  Stephen Hayes?

September 17th  Steven Lloyd or Mark Wilkinson  (BCM Speaker)

November 19th 2019 Philip Bell     
CEO Creation Ministries International UK/Europe.

January 2020 Colin Reeves (date to be confirmed)