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Next on the agenda was Professor Andy McIntosh! Don't say that we don't bring you the best of the top leading Creation Speakers in the World. 

Tuesday evening March 3rd - 2020 at Elim church.  Professor Andy McIntosh

Well you came along and we had a feast!! God's amazing created order confirmed by the structural power of mathematics. Logic and beauty totally integrated showing the Master Designer at work in all His glorious power. Thanks Andy, your skill at unravelling some of the mysteries of God's created order were a joy for us all.   

Science, Mathematics and Beauty

A talk on the fact that Mathematics and Science has no meaning without a transcendent God.

This talk deals with a number of examples of the intriguing beauty and power of mathematics. Mathematics is more than a language and a tool of logic. When used to describe the physics of one system it is surprising how many other disciplines reflect the same principles so that the form of the equations can be similar. But we need to get underneath this and start with an even more fundamental concept concerning number itself. As Jason Lisle has said

“Numbers are concepts. Thus they are abstract in nature. They exist in the world of thought and are not material or physical. You cannot literally touch a number, or even see one, because they are not made of matter.”

We consider firstly the nature of abstract thought – the reality / meaning of logic. We then consider the nature of mathematics and its connection to reality. Thirdly we examine the language of mathematics and show that the only consistent reality that is coherent and works in science is one which accepts mind as more than matter and that abstract truth, meaning and purpose are realities which are transcendent to the physical Universe. We will lastly consider some well known examples of mathematics which cross over from one discipline to another.

January 21st - 2020  Professor Stuart Burgess

What a marvellous evening we had. Thank you Stuart for unravelling the complexity of the 'wiring' of the human body. To be a Christian and believe in evolution is disingenuous to God's creative powers as Stuart's talk so easily demonstrated. Thank you all for your continued support and financial contributions, it is much appreciated.  

Talk - The Wonders of Creation.


Fresh from his talk at the AIG Mega conference Stuart has graciously accepted our invitation to come and speak to us. Ever popular, Stuart will be offering up the challenge to evolutionists who think that this immensely complex world that we live in could ever have come about by random chance selection or that God would have used such a barbaric system to bring about His created order. Always time for some questions and answers after the talk and free tea/coffee and cake!


Professor Andy McIntosh gives a 'thumbs up' to his colleague Professor Stuart Burgess! 
Reference the recent Answers in Genesis Mega conference.

It was a real privilege to hear Professor Stuart Burgess give his talk on “The wonders of the Human Nervous System”. With his knowledge of wiring for Space satellites, it was a gripping presentation and it was a joy to hear him do this again at Roger Carswell’s get-together at 10ofThose in Leyland on October 29th .

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:andymcintosh:Documents:ACM CREATION Prayer Letters:2019-12 Prayer Letter Megaconference and Virginia:IMG_1864A.jpgI think there were over 100 packed in to hear him in the small lecture room at the remarkable book depot, on a dark wet night somewhere in the nether regions of Lancashire – it took me an age to find it, but was worth it! With his work on the British Olympic bike transmission mechanism, and his other great research, Stuart has recently received the James Clayton Prize for the biggest contribution to mechanical engineering science in 2019 (a previous winner in his day was Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine!) – Stuart is effectively recognised as the best engineer in all the UK – may the Lord continue to bless and honour those who honour the Lord publicly, as Stuart has done. It costs to honour Christ in Academia and in any profession, but the Lord is no man’s debtor. I have just been reading Daniel 1, 2 and 3. How God mightily blessed young men who courageously stood up against the idolatry in what was effectively the academic prestigious elite of their day. They were prepared to face death rather than dishonour the name of Christ. We need that same spirit today of Daniel and his three companions who would not bow, would not budge – and neither did they burn! – but they were prepared to burn if need be, and many have died and do today for the faith with the same spirit. The biggest and most subtle battle sadly is in the church itself, since so many have compromised on the issue of Genesis and Biblical Creation. I will not mention names here, but I am deeply concerned that there are young men coming through our seminaries who are not standing on vital truths in Genesis because they have not been taught correctly, and thus are not prepared for the onslaught against the Biblical basis for marriage, the sanctity of life in the womb or the push to euthanize the elderly, and all the other issues which flow from a crumbling Christian foundation. Get Genesis wrong and it will undo the growth of our spiritual lives, and damage for generations the real lasting growth of the church.



BSc, PhD, CEng FIMechE

Professor of Engineering Design, University of Bristol

STUART Photo 300

The James Clayton Prize is awarded to a member of the Institution who has made an exceptional contribution to mechanical engineering and related science, technology and invention – by way of research, invention, experimental work, a paper, engineering design or services to engineering. 

“It is a great honour to receive this award” says Stuart Burgess, Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Bristol, “especially considering its past recipients”. The James Clayton Prize is regarded as  IMechE’s most prestigious award and is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to mechanical engineering and related science, technology and invention.

Stuart’s distinguished career certainly made him a strong candidate for the award. With seven patents to his name, a holder of multiple awards and having published over 170 papers in design research, he has spent his career working at the cutting edge of mechanical engineering research. But it is was two specific engineering projects which really impressed the Institution’s judges.

Since 2002, Stuart has worked with the European Space Agency on all four of their major earth observation satellites. Stuart was responsible for leading the design team that created a triple-hinged robotic arm used to deploy the solar array on these satellites – and he patented a completely new type of gearbox used on each hinge of the arm. The gearbox, known as a Double Action Wormgear Set can perform three functions of rack-pinion, worm-gear and screw-nut. These three functions allow it to absorb launch loads, carry out deployment and lock the gearbox. The gearbox worked smoothly on all four of the ESA’s earth observation satellites.

The professor was also recognised for his invaluable work in Olympic bicycle design. Since 2014, he has led a team of researchers at Bristol University to develop ultra high efficiency chain drive technology. His team’s advances were used by the British Olympic cycling team at the 2016 Rio Olympics and helped contribute to Team GB’s multiple world records and six cycling gold medals.

Stuart’s innovation was the creation of a unique pendulum chain testing concept. The smoothness and accuracy of a chain drive would in the past be tested by machine, but by using Stuart’s pendulum, cycling teams have a much more accurate way of checking the materials used in a drive chain. The team, along with British Cycling, could then test out minute variations – such as using slightly different lubricants or chain geometries - to find the perfect combination. Stuart then used this research to design a new chain which was used on Team GB’s Olympic bikes.

The British cycling team’s successes in recent years have been put down to a philosophy of ‘marginal gains’ – making slight improvements to a wide range of factors to get an edge. Stuart’s chain drive testing innovation is a clear example of this strategy. He is now developing a new chain testing technology at Bristol University for industrial chain drives.

Stuart is conscious of the importance of collaboration between university research and industry to solve society’s wider problems. “I think one of the keys to tackling the big challenges of the day – such as environmental problems – is that of universities working closely with industry” he explains. This is evidenced through his work with cycling manufacturer Renolds – who have spun his Olympic chain off into the mass market. His pendulum chain testing concept is also being used to develop a new method to test industrial conveyor chains.

The James Clayton Prize is ultimately about recognising mechanical engineers who have made exceptional contributions to the sector. With his role in British Cycling’s gold medals and world records, or the ESA’s satellites which are helping to monitor climate change - the biggest issue of the day - Stuart is clearly leading in his field and is a worthy winner of the award.

November 19th:-  Philip Bell    CEO Creation Ministries International UK/Europe.

Ice age

Ice, the Bible and Time.

 Phew!! The Ice Age! Thank you Phillip! What a great topic, and a chance for us to listen to a clear and detailed explanation for the shape of the world that we see around us. When was the Ice age, and was there only one? Where does it fit in the Biblical timeline? What were the consequences of this dramatic event and what evidence is there for us to see today? A chance for Philip to reveal so much more on this intriguing topic and how it fits with the Bible.

Philip dealt with glacial geomorphology (U-shaped valleys, glacial till, moraines, eskers, erratics etc.; all very visual), ice sheets, dry valleys in Antarctica, ice cores, glaciers (their real movements) He also answered the mystery of the woolly mammoths and their sad demise. An excellent evening and enjoyed by all. 

September 17th:- Dr Arthur Jones

Does Animal Variation Prove Evolution.


Arthur Jones BSc, MEd, PhD, CBiol, MSB is an Education Consultant and Director of Education Impact, Hyde, Cheshire, England, UK.

From 2010 part-time Director, Teacher Training Programmes, TeachBeyond (an international Christian organization providing transformational education to children and adults).  From 2009-13, part-time Tutor responsible for the co-ordination and development of the Foundation Degree in Evangelism, Mission Based Training, Church Army.

A teaching career spanning 40 years has included ten years in India and Nepal, and the headship of the pioneering Oak Hill Christian School (Bristol, UK).

Since 1995 he has devised and taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Christian practitioners, particularly those in the field of education.  He is the author of Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science (Romford: Christian Schools’ Trust, 1999) and No Home & Alone: A School Programme on Homelessness (Bristol: Global Concern, 1999).

July 2nd:-  Mark Wilkinson  (BCM Speaker)  THE ARK ENCOUNTER


As many of you will know, Answers in Genesis have built a Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA which has had an enormous response by visitors coming into the site. The major draw being the static life size model of Noah's Ark.

During his talk Mark was able to take us on a whistle-stop tour of both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter and address the question, why would someone want to spend $100 million on such a (controversial) project?

He mentioned other arks in the Bible, ending up with Jesus as being the only ark given for our safety and security.We enjoyed an encouraging talk from a firmly committed Biblical perspective, explaining how we can trust the Bible in all aspects.


 Richard Worsley

Is the Evidence for the Flood now Irrefutable?

Thank you Richard for a very encouraging talk and how we can all play a part in confirming the truth of God's Word. Loved the way that you used the Flood to show the science and how it leaves no room for doubt about the authenticity of the Bible.  Far to many Christians have been compromised by evolutionary thinking and it's totally irrational conclusions. Yes the evidence is totally irrefutable. Keep up the good work.

In terms of biographical details I am a head teacher of an independent Christian school. See the school website for my photo.

 Welcome to Christian Fellowship School 

I am about to embark on a PhD in Philosophy defending the Infallibility of the Bible based on the irrefutable evidence for a worldwide flood. The talk will be partly based on my trip with AIG to the Grand Canyon, but also the result of thirty years of research, and contain an overview of the evidence I have come across for a worldwide flood in geology, history, biology, geography and the Bible.

Therefore the talk will cover the following topics.

The status of the teaching of Creationism in the British education system.
Evidence for a worldwide flood in geology, history, geography and the Bible.
The challenge of what to do with such powerful evidence.

March 5th 2019

Professor Stuart Burgess

 Stuart Burgess

A return visit of the ever popular Stuart Burgess. 

" Is Genesis 1 Literal History?"

A wide ranging discussion to confirm the authenticity of a literal History of Genesis 1 covering Theistic evolution, Adam and Eve,The Origin of death, Starlight, The age of the Earth and the Character of God. This was an ideal time to bring along your sceptic friends and hear from a third party expert how science can support a Biblical interpretation of Origins. Moreover it drew to a logical conclusion for the need of the redeeming Grace of Jesus.
This was a wonderful opportunity to encourage our Christian friends and to reach out to those who might be challenged to find out more about the Christian Faith and the trustworthiness of  the Bible.  

January 22nd 2019

Gavin Cox. (MA. MA. BA Hons. HND Eng. Dip CSM)

Gavin Cox

"The search for Noah in Egypt."
(How archaeology backs-up the Bible)

Gavin Cox is a new member to the ever growing team of writers and speakers at Creation Ministries International here in the UK/Europe office.

Gavin's talk was a 'romp-through-the-ruins' and a 'tracing-through-the-texts' of ancient Egypt, revealing the clues regarding extra-Biblical evidence for the flood, Noah and his family. Through his research Gavin came to some startling conclusions, the textual evidence is clear that the Egyptians knew of the family of eight who survived the great flood. He led us piece by piece through the evidence he had uncovered confirming that Noah, his family and the flood where well known to the Egyptians. A fascinating evening of a well researched and presented subject that was much appreciated. 
Gavin also affirmed Creation Ministries International and it's work World Wide.
To sign up for their free infobytes newsletter or their Creation magazine or free access to over ten thousand articles then try their website at,  


CMI European Creation Conference

Friday 21–Saturday 22 September 2018

Venue: Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, Westminster, LONDON, SW1P 3DW.

The following is preliminary information—please check back for the full speaker line-up and list of topics. In the near future, a downloadable PDF of the conference brochure will be available.


Topics covered:

  • Bible reliability and theology
  • Soft tissue and C-14 in dinosaur fossils
  • Origin of life scenarios
  • Bio-inspired design
  • Archaeological researches
  • Design of the human eye
  • A full size, floating Noah’s Ark
  • Creation’s vital relevance
  • Igneous origin of salt formations
  • Supposed dinosaur-to-bird evolution
  • Man’s overdesign
  • Design & origin of the Solar System
  • The information challenge
  • Evangelism in a scientific, secular age
  • Discovering dinosaurs (for teens)

November 27th 2018.

Professor Steve Taylor 

Photo of Prof Steve Taylor

Many thanks again to Steve Taylor for yet another insightful talk showing the absurdity of trying to combine naturalism and science.
By discussing the ATP motor Steve gave an overwhelming example of design, and how the complex molecular construction and integration of this amazing machine into the cellular world could only have come about by the implementation of an exquisite designer!
How can anyone think that things like the ATP motor ( and thousands of other examples) be self generating. As for Darwin's idea that it must be done in small sequential steps is just not a sustainable theory. Many items have to come together all at the same time or they would never be able to function. And then we are asked to believe that this all came about by chance random selection?
All scientists should be challenged by this revelation but the most worrying of all are our fellow Christians who claim scientific credentials but continue to deny a Creator God as
revealed to us in the Bible. They want us to believe that God used evolution but are unable to defend their thinking with any scientific evidence.
Hopefully people like Steve will continue to challenge and encourage evolutionists to reassess their thinking and to come alongside those Christians that struggle with these issues.                    

‘The world’s smallest electrical motor – ATP synthase’

Summary: ATP synthase is one of the wonders of the molecular world. It is an enzyme, a molecular motor, an ion pump, and a molecular generator all bound together in one amazing nano-scale machine. It plays an indispensable role in our cells, providing the energy that powers our bodily processes. Is it really credible that such a system could have been formed by chance over millions of years? The evidence points strongly to Design and ATP synthase is a witness to the skill and ingenuity of the Designer.


Material covered: The overwhelming evidence for design and the folly of atheism. Naturalism is shown to be unreasonable, unscientific and unhelpful. In contrast the Christian worldview is based on facts, evidence and history. This has led many great scientists, past and present to be active Christians.
Highlight and go to click.

October 2nd 2018

DANNY FAULKNER  Big Problems with the Big Bang.


Dr. Danny Faulkner

Dr. Danny Faulkner holds an MS in physics from Clemson University and an MA and PhD in astronomy from Indiana University. He taught at the University of South Carolina–Lancaster for over 26 years. He serves as editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly, and has published over 100 papers in various journals. He now works as a researcher, author, and speaker for Answers in Genesis.

If you want to know more about Danny click on his highlighted name, above.

Danny has also included a report on a recent Astronomy conference that he attended. The report  was published on January 26, 2018 by 

You will find the report at the bottom of our News and Views 
Page.  (click on green)

July 3rd 2018

Simon Terry  Slugs and snails!

An intriguing question was asked of Simon Terry,

Can you please ask your snail man how did the snails survive the Flood, and how would they have gotten around the Whole World at snail’s pace afterward and formed the thousands of species in today’s world? Surely this shows that evolution and the continental drift is a better answer?

Simon Terry’s answer:

The survival and spread of snails and their broader class the Gastopda is better appreciated when we understand the character of the Biblical kinds given in the book of Genesis. Only when we start with this Biblical basis can we better understand the success of a specific species and geographic isolation of others.

Simon's talk to us then began to unravel the amazing truth about slugs and snails and their role in confirming Creation, and our need for a loving God and His saving Grace through His Son Jesus Christ.

Please read 1 Peter 3 : 15. How to defend our faith.


SATURDAY 19th. MAY 2018

We  arranged for a coach party of up to 60 persons to travel to the British Museum. The tour was based on the book “Through the British Museum with the Bible”, showing the reliability of the Bible with the history and artifacts from the empires which impacted on God’s people Israel. The conducted tour at the British Museum started at 10-45 am and finished at 3.45pm, with a lunch break between 1.00pm and 1.45pm. Two groups of 30 (max) persons were hosted.

May 15th 2018.

ROD WALSH  from CMI Australia  -  talking onNoahs Ark and the flood.

Our chance to welcome Rod and Nancy Walsh from CMI Australia to our Rugby Creation Science Group meeting.
This was a real privilege as he is always in such demand whenever he is in the UK.
If only the churches in general understood the importance of Rod's talk they should have been queing up and down the street to get in! 
Sadly to say that this was not the case, but we were really pleased with the turnout so thank you all very much. This key event, which tackled some of the basic misunderstandings in the Creation/evolution debate and opened the door to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the Bible, and confirm all that God has done for us.   
One of Rod's 6 foot models of Noah's Ark was on display.

Rod Walsh

Rod Walsh, aka ‘the Ark Man’. If you had ever been challenged to explain Noah’s Ark, here was your chance to find out more with our long-time Noah’s Ark modeller and expert. Rod proved to be an excellent communicator and answered many of your questions about Noah’s Ark and the Flood.

Click the link to find out about Rod and Nancy and their amazing ministry.

May 19th 2018  Today is Our Trip to the British Museum!

March  6th 2018. 

PAUL GARNER MSc FGS His talk will be"Coal by catastrophe".

Last night Paul gave us an in depth description of what coal is and how it was formed.
He also effectively dismissed the laying down over millions of years of the sedimentary rocks. We were also invited to look at some of the current thinking on mat formations, huge floating beds of vegetation, to explain some of the anomalies found in coal deposits.
Either way it is clear that under the right circumstances coal can be formed in a very short period of time, and helps to expel the evolutionary myths of needing millions of years.
This talk covered a vast area of investigation, using robust scientific methods, to give us the confidence to believe in the historical record of the Bible and the World Wide Flood.  

Paul Garner MSc, FGS is a full-time Researcher and Lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust. He has an MSc in Geoscience from University College London, where he specialised in palaeobiology. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of several other scientific societies. His first book, The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation, was published by Evangelical Press in 2009.   Click this link to find out more about Paul.

January 23rd 2018

DR SYLVIA BAKER BSc MSc PhD   evolution, Creation and education.

Our thanks to Sylvia for revealing her life story and her personal challenge in the Creation evolution debate, and how it set a course for her to follow for the rest of her career. 
This was followed by a "brief" look at the construction of the eye and the problems of irreducible complexity. It just could not evolve in small incremental steps, a piece at a time, as Darwin had proposed, it had to be all or nothing, and this would require a designer.
Unfortunately time did not allow Sylvia to expand on her many years of teaching both Creation and evolution in schools and the results of all that. We look forward to inviting her back at some time to bring us up to date on this very important issue.      


Dr Sylvia Baker

Dr. Sylvia Baker has a BSc in Biology from Sussex University and an MSc in Radiation Biology from London University. She taught science for a total of 27 years, most of which was in the setting of one of the new independent Christian schools, where she had a free hand to teach both evolution and creationism. In 2010 she was awarded a PhD by Warwick University for her research into the outcomes obtained when pupils are educated in this kind of setting. Author of Bone of Contention - is evolution true? 

For more information about Sylvia click here.

14th November 2017

Professor Stuart Burgess  DESIGNER WORLD

Stuarts skill in teaching and designing a whole range of engineering products is legendary, from rockets and cars to miniaturised flying machines. One of his most recent works was done on the drive chain for the award winning Olympic bikes. We were pleased to hear about that and more! 

He spoke about the work that is being being carried out by mimicking nature. Stuart brought us up to speed on some of the latest work being done in this field and how all of us should be giving thanks to God for his incredible creative work. He explained that, as wonderful as some of our engineering exploits are they will never exceed the work done by the Master Designer Himself. 

A very positive evening that leaves you wondering how we can we continue to be deceived by evolutionary thinking.    

12th September 2017

Brian Edwards
"The Evidence for the Bible"

Brian Edwards gave us an illustrated talk on  archaeology from a biblical perspective. 
We learnt how archaeological evidence supports the biblical accounts, first from global flood legends around the world through Egyptian artifacts consistent with Israelites in Egypt from Joseph through Moses. 
Then we were able to see archaeology from the great empires that interacted with God's messianic nation Israel: neo-Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome. 
This provided a background for the time of Christ and His Apostles.

Brian Edwards is the author of twenty books, including one on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, historical biographies on William Tyndale and John Newton. He edits the Day One Publications Travel guide series and preaches and lectures across the UK and abroad. 

Evidence for the Bible is published by Day One Publications and co-authored by Brian Edwards and Clive Anderson. From the museums and dig sites of the world items that authenticate or illustrate the biblical history are described and illustrated. No knowledge of archaeology is required and the text is both straightforward and fully referenced. There are easily understood timelines and longer article on particular subjects and an extended piece on the often false claims of archaeology. With 250 pages and over 200 colour pictures it is beautifully designed in hardback as a coffee-table book. It is already in its third printing and has proved immensely popular.

At these presentations the £25 book is sold for just £12.50! 

Commendations for the book:

‘This is a marvellous introduction to the finds of archaeology that illumine our understanding of the Bible.  It helps the reader to see that the biblical events and writings took place within history. When the reader studies the Bible, this book will serve as a wonderful tool to help get at its depth and richness. I highly recommend it.’

Prof. John D. Currid, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, USA.


Evidence for the Bible is accessible, informative and enjoyable. The Bible comes alive in a new way when we can understand and feel it within the living landscape from which it emerged. I warmly and wholeheartedly commend it.’

The Very Revd. James Atwell, Dean of Winchester, UK.

4th July 2017

Mike Worsall
"Bat Sonar"

We were glad that you were able to come and listen to Mike as he explained the phenomenon of echolocation of bats. This talk was recommended by Prof. Andy McIntosh, our previous speaker, and they don't come much better than that! How wonderful to spend an evening exploring the wonders of God's design that defies any chance of random selection by evolutionary processes!   

Blind as a Bat

an illustrated talk by

Dr Mike Worsell Bsc PhD CPhys CSci MinstP

Mike Worsell spent the early years of his career in the research of the fundamental forces and particles of physics, including carrying out experiments at the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, Geneva.  He then spent 30 years in industry on the design of sonar systems for the UK Royal Navy amongst others.  He is interested by the highly sophisticated use by bats of echolocation (sonar) to safely navigate in pitch darkness and successfully forage for food - evidence for evolution or design?

16th May 2017

Professor. Andy Mcintosh

Andy McIntosh Returns To Rugby!
This should have been a banner headline in all the local papers and certainly in all of our Christian newsletters and on our Church notice boards around the area. 
Hmmm, chance would be a fine thing!
However we don’t believe in chance, only in a Creator God who designed all that we can see.

We did ask you to check your church notice boards and see if a copy of the poster that we have emailed you is being displayed. We physically deliver posters to about 35 churches in the Rugby area but we know that many do not display our literature or don't even give Creationist’s a second thought. In fact it is true to say that some actively oppose Biblical Creation, preferring instead to promote a Theistic evolutionist view. 

Meanwhile back to Andy. 
This amazing man was on a worldwide mission to promote the truth of God’s Word. So far this year he had been to USA (Feb), South Africa (March), New Zealand (March), Australia (Mar/April), USA again (5/6 May).
With a full schedule to fill for the rest of the year why not follow Andy on his website and offer to pray for success in his endeavours.
Andy was gracious and compelling, and demanded to be heard with his scientific background and his Gospel message.
The subject matter, The Wonder of Hearing, revealed the truth of our Creator’s genius in design and he linked that to the need of the saving grace of Jesus.
In his busy and demanding schedule we are grateful that Andy still finds time to come and share with us all at the Rugby Creation Science Group.

Tongue in cheek we did suggest that 'bring a friend 'should be compulsory!; but please know that ALL are welcome, individuals or rent-a-crowd, supporters or sceptics!  We trust that you enjoyed the free homemade cake, and refreshments that followed the talk.

7th March 2017

Florin Mocanu - Creation Ministries International UK / Europe.
"Flood warning: Rocks Fossils and Scripture"

We were pleased to welcome Florin who is part of the new team of accredited speakers that are joining Creation Ministries International. 

At the time of speaking with us Florin was currently studying for a University science degree, taking courses in the natural sciences ( Darwinian evolution, geology, cell biology etc. ) and also computer science.

Florin reminded us that there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion. We all work within a certain framework. For Christians it is the Word of God, but for the atheist scientist, it is the believe that there is no God and every thing we see appeared through natural causes only. World views influence how we view 'evidence'. Christians would be unwise to accept the pronouncements of scientists as if they were some infallible oracles. 

The talk gave us facts - things we can observe in nature - and we could then see which framework best fits with our thinking.

The talk was especially helpful to those Christians who struggle with the naturalist-atheist worldview and trying to make it fit with a straightforward reading of the Bible.

Questions and answers after the talk were very interesting!

24th January 2017

Simon Turpin 
Newly appointed head of Answers In Genesis/UK.

"Adam: The First and the Last"
Why the supernatural creation of Adam, his fall from Grace and our link to him are necessary to understanding the Last Adam - Jesus Christ.
This talk is likely to be more theological than scientific but Simon will try to give enough of each to satisfy both camps! This will be an excellent talk to reaffirm the need to combating Darwinian evolution and it's corrosive effect on the truth of God's word. 
Do take this opportunity to meet Simon as he takes on the role of heading up Answers in Genesis here in the UK.
Why not bring along the one person you might know who is a little sceptical of the creation/evolution debate and let them experience a night out with R C S Group. Extra tempters are free refreshments and a wide ranging bookstall for them peruse!

Oh, and off course, we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary as well. It will be exactly five years ago to the day when we first opened with Professor Stuart Burgess! Praise the Lord for His sustaining Grace.      

15th November, 

Professor Steve Taylor
"Carbon 14 dating of Dinosaur Bones & other stuff!"
Steve gave us a great talk and included the latest findings on carbon dating in Dinosaur bones (they just cannot be 63 million years old!)and all the latest research that Steve is working on.  

10th September

John Perkins
John Perkins is a retired teacher who still regularly lectures on history and theology.
John used some traditional historic arguments for the existence of God, but added to them by maintaining the existence of God is proved by a variety of questions relating to;

* The existence of Atheism.

* The nature of thought and logic.

* Science.

* The existence of truth and love.

It was a stimulating night of thoughts and discussions! 

Thanks John for a thoughtful and challenging evening. 

5th July,

Dominic StathamB.Sc., D.I.S., M.I.E.T., 
Creation Ministries International.

The Age 0f the Earth, and why it matters.

(Yes, we tucked an extra one in for July, thanks to those who made it!)

This was a new talk from Dominic and the Rugby group where the first to hear it!


Dominic became a Christian as a student in the early eighties. Over the following years, he became convinced of the need to hold firmly to the Bible as the basis for Christian belief and practice. Intrigued by the endless media assertions that “evolution is a fact” and that “the Bible is wrong”, he decided to investigate the scientific issues for himself. He was astonished by the weakness of the arguments presented by evolutionists, and is now keen to help others realise that there is no conflict between science and Christianity, and that the Bible can be trusted from the very first verse.

Dominic has a particular interest in Christian ethics, and his conviction that the Bible is true stems, in part, from his growing appreciation of the wisdom contained in both the Old and New Testaments. These, he has come to realise, perfectly portray the nature of man—his spiritual and moral needs—and provide an understanding of godliness and rightful living that can be found nowhere else. He is convinced that no book is more needed or more relevant in our current age than the Bible.

Dominic is a Chartered Engineer and graduate of Loughborough University in the UK. He has extensive experience of both manufacturing and product development and holds a number of patents. As an employee of Rolls Royce, he worked on projects for the Panavia Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon and, as an employee of GKN, engineering drivelines for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. He is a speaker and writer for CMI-UK/Europe and the author of Evolution: Good Science? Exposing the ideological nature of Darwin’s theory.

Thanks Dominic for a very enlightening talk and we look forward to hearing you present this again at the forthcoming European Conference in London. 

Check the link.  

c24th May.

The Wonders of our Solar System.

 Jonathan Riley BSc(hons) CEng MIET

I am a specialist in the design of very high-speed digital electronics for use in microwave and radar systems. I am interested in all aspects of science especially in regards to creation. I became a Christian about 31 years ago and for the last 6 years have sought to strengthen Christians in their confidence for Biblical Creation against the onslaught of Evolutionary thinking. I have also taught Geology up to GSCE level (though this probably doesn't really matter a great deal given that this presentation is about our Solar System).

I hold a batchelor's degree in Electronic Engineering and am a Chartered Engineer, thus my official title is:
Mr Jonathan Riley BSc(hons) CEng MIET

I have attached a few images (hopefully not too many for your e-mail). If you would like more, a good place to look is the NASA website since they are happy for the use of their images for educational purposes; though they ask that if possible a small credit is given to them as the source of the images.

15th March, 

Thanks Nick for an informative evening!

Nick Cowan.  M.A. in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at Downing College, Cambridge 1969-72.  P.G.Cert.Ed. at Leicester University 1972-3

Chemistry teacher at Blue Coat School, Liverpool (recently voted top State Secondary school of 2015 by the Sunday Times!) from 1973-2011 - Head of Dept. 1978 onwards.
Retired from full-time teaching in July 2011 but still do weekly voluntary A-level classes.
Born again: Feb. 18th 1986 - praise be to the Lord Jesus, our Saviour and Creator!
Married to Moira (also a Chemistry graduate and Head of Science Dept.)
Member of Truth In ScienceSee our Links page. 
An organisation seeking to promote Creation/ID in schools. 
Debate with Richard Dawkins - featured in Channel 4 series on Darwin in 2007/8      
Title of talk:  Chemistry - Evolution's Enemy but the Bible's Friend.

Synopsis: I will try to demonstrate from Chemistry (not too technical!) that abiogenesis (life from non-living matter eg in a primeval "soup") is chemically absurd, and that Louis Pasteur was correct: life requires a Life-Giver! 
I will also refer to the cell's irreducible complexity, and to the impossibility of merely naturalistic processes adding information to the gene pool. 
I will also show how Radiometric dating supports Young Earth Creationism (thousands not billions!). 

Here is a link to check out Nick debating Richard Dawkins

See how Dawkins draws the debate to a close when he realises that his arguments are being skilfully countered by Nick! 

17th November 2015 26th January,

Philip Bell CEO for Creation Ministries International-UK and Europe.
B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE, CBiol MRSB Creationist Zoologist, ex-Cancer Researcher and Teacher,

The Credibility of Genesis, Does it stand up to Scientific Scrutiny? 

What better start to the New Year than to listen to Philip Bell as he encouraged us to take a straight forward reading of the book of Genesis and reinforced his arguments with good solid science from a Biblical Creationists perspective. 
Philip travels all over Europe on an ever increasing number of speaking engagements and some how still manages to run the European office for CMI, writes numerous articles for the World Wide Creation Magazine and other CMI literature plus working on a book at the same time! 
We were pleased that Philip took the opportunity tell us about some of the exciting growth of CMI here in the UK and Europe as well as some new speakers who have come on board! 
It was an encouraging evening for all of us and an ideal talk for any of our sceptical friends to have a listen. Philip showed his professionalism by the skill of his presentation which was both challenging and gracious.
Link on to Philips address Philip Bell - for a short video clip!

Dr Stephen Hayes 

Dr Stephen Hayes is a medical Doctor and specialist in skin cancer. He travels around the country teaching GP's how to spot skin cancer in it's early stages.

He gave us an illustrated talk, The Amazing Eye: Design or Chance, and a wonderful insight into the workings of our eyes.

Stephen shared his passion for presenting the case for Creation by revealing the complexity of design in the eye and how it works, and that to accept that all this came about via Darwinian evolution is untenable.

Whilst speaking Stephen skillfully and humorously peppered his talk with personal anecdotes and relevant stories. 

He clearly showed that it isn't possible to defend your faith from an evolutionary perspective or to uphold the truth of the Bible.  

This was a welcome return to a popular speaker with a unique and personal style and ready wit.

Our thanks to Stephen's perseverance having been delayed on the train by something like 21/2 hours and missing out on his pre talk dinner, Stephen insisted in getting on with the talk and still staying on afterwards for Q and A and chatting to people on a one to one basis. Blessings to you Stephen!    

Check out Stephens websites to learn more! 

15th September 2015

Dr Rob Carter CMI

2015 UK Tour with Dr Rob Carter

Dr Robert Carter, Ph.D. Marine Biology,B.S. Applied Biology, Scientist and speaker for CMI-USA, is currently researching human genetics and other issues related to biblical creation.
He co-produced the highly acclaimed documentary, Evolution's Achilles' Heels and contributed to the accompanying book released in 2014.

We were especially pleased to have been able to secure one of these highly sort after dates from his UK Tour. This was a unique opportunity to hear Rob Carter and If you want to know more about him then why not go to the CMI homepage and click on the bar that runs across the screen proclaiming Evolution's Achilles' Heels.  

12th May 2015

Geoff Chapman - Creation Resource Trust
Darwin's Big Mistake.

10th March 2015
Paul Garner - Biblical Creation Ministries

Our Frozen Past - The Ice Age and the Genesis Flood
an illustrated talk by Paul Garner. BSc. MSc. FGS

 "The Ice Age"
# What caused it?
# How long did it last?
# Was there more than one?

Also in March 2015

We were trying to organise a Creation Family Weekend Event around this time, but we are

Sorry to say that this event has had to be Postponed. We had the speakers and the dates lined up but unfortunately the proposed venue is not available to us at this time. We will try to re-vamp for the Autumn. We will keep you informed. 

27th January 2015


Professor Steve Taylor - Dinosaurs 
 His talk was based around carbon 14 dating and Dinosaur dates.
 *In 1993 - Soft tissue and biomolecules found in Dinosaur bones.
 *How can fragile chemicals survive for 65 million years?
 *Evidence that man and dinosaurs lived together?
 *Current research - remarkable findings!
*Radiocarbon dating of dinosaur fossils.


As with all of our speakers our ultimate aim is to confirm the truth of God's word as revealed to us in the Bible.  Steve used the fascinating topic of Dinosaurs to show the myth of millions of years that evolutionists claim as fact.
Starting with a video clip showing pictures of Dinosaurs he demonstrated one example of how the media bombards us with the idea of millions of years.
His challenge was, is this really true?
If Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago how come scientists have now discovered soft tissue and skin on their bones after such a long time? Carbon 14 (which has a half life of 5730 years) can only be detected up to fifty or a hundred thousand years and yet is still found in Dinosaur remains supposedly 65m years old! Then there are the numerous accounts of the Genesis flood just a few thousand years ago, which would account for the sedimentary rock layers all over the Earth in which all the Dinosaur fossils are found, and then he spoke about the sightings of Dinosaurs (saved by the ark but now extinct) all these accounts come to us through stories, paintings, pottery, carvings, engravings and history books. Steve gave a comprehensive but gracious dismantling of the weakness of evolutionary thinking with lots more good solid scientific evidence than I can put in this short summary, and a positive affirmation to trust a simple and straight forward reading of God's word. Thanks Steve for a wonderful and encouraging evening.

Incidentally did you pick up the claim in one of the video clips that one scientist had lost his job because he spoke out against evolutionary thinking? It would seem that if you don't toe the line you could get sacked, or at the very least be sidelined when it comes to promotion! Review Ben Stein's DVD from CMI about this very problem!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed DVD (UK version)           

25th November 2014

Professor Stuart Burgess

The talk was entitled "Inspiration from Creation" 

Inspiration from Creation large posterWe were pleased to welcome Stuart to our November meeting.
At the recent Mega Conference organised by Answers in Genesis Stuart received a standing ovation. We trust that you were enthralled by his presentation and that you were able to bring a friend along to hear this courageous man proclaim the truth of God's word. Inspired by the design found in Creation, scientists and engineers are able to develop all sorts of things by mimicking what they see around them. Stuart was able to reveal some leading edge technology of some of the latest developments in engineering and explain that the design they see means there has to be a designer! 

30th September 2014

Professor Andy McIntosh

Biomimetics – 


 … Learning Design from the Created World

An enthusiastic audience gave a rapturous round of applause to Prof. Andy McIntosh at the recent AIG Mega Conference in Birmingham. Now it was our opportunity to hear Andy give the same address at the Rugby Creation Science Group meeting. We were so pleased that you could come along and join in with us for what was a very stimulating evening. 

20th May 2014
Dr Richard M Barrett  B.Sc Ph.D, C.Chem. C.Sci F.R.S.C  F.W.M.S

 "Ten Excellent Arguments from Science that Confirm a Biblical World View". 

This was a great evening showing how science confirms the truth of the Bible.
Evolutionary philosophy has, for far to long, been making scientific claims that it cannot substantiate. Richard exposed the flaws in Darwinian evolutionary thinking by demonstrating established scientific techniques that confirm a Biblical World View and in such a way that lay people were able to understand.

18th March 2014

Simon Terry  B.ed (Hons)
Dinosaurs - The Real History.
Simon Terry joined AiG-UK in 2007 after being a missionary for six years with London City Mission.
Talk outline
 CREATED - Genesis, creation week.
 AFFECTED - Earth groans after fall.
 PROTECTED - Dinosaurs on the Ark?
 DETRACTED - Problems after the flood.
 COLLECTED - Fossils in recent times.

We know that Dinosaurs are a BIG favourite with so many people but we thank you for your support both physically and financially, it is very encouraging for us and for the speakers. 

Simon confirmed the Biblical account, that all animals were Created on day six, including Dinosaurs. (There was no 'special age of the Dinosaurs' some millions of years before) Come the Flood a selection of Dino's went on to Noah's Ark but when they came off the Ark they didn't not survive. Simon gave us a lot of evidence to show that the Dinosaurs, along with all the other animals that weren't on the Ark died in the flood and were fossilised as a result. He told us that there is a lot of evidence to support these claims among which was the discovery of carbon 14 in T Rex bones supposedly 68 million years old! Also soft tissue and blood cells, and in the case of a Duck-billed Dino even soft skin tissue! These fossilised creatures can only be a few thousand years old and fit perfectly with the Bible's account and Genealogy. He also went on to tell us of sightings and records in recent history of some of those Dino's that did come off the Ark. See recommended readings in RESOURCES.  

He spoke about the problems of young people taking up the sciences but not being taught the history of science. How modern science was founded by Christians and how Darwin's theories, which were influenced by Charles Lyell and his geological 'long ages' and were vigorously promoted by Thomas Huxley to promote evolution, i.e. one species changing to another, at the expense of a Creator God. Lyell was an atheist who didn't want 'Moses' to get a foot in the door when it came to modern science, so he convinced leading thinkers and religious leaders of the time that the Bible was out of date and had nothing to say when it came to science. This was an age of 'enlightenment' when man could show that God's word was in error and couldn't be trusted. So there was a parting of the ways where science was now promoting evolution and took a dominant view of how we should view the world and in so doing confining God's word to the pulpit. 

Simon also reminded us of the need for the church to stop compromising and appealed to leaders to stand up and be counted. It is not a side issue but fundamental to our faith and a way to open the doors to millions of people who think that the Bible is irrelevant to them because science, apparently, has all the 'real' answers and there is no place for God in their lives. Evolution has given them a reason not to listen or seek the Saving Grace of Jesus. Millions have died, and millions more will continue to die because of Darwinian evolution so we need to shake up our churches and to fight this malaise, this apathy of fear and peer pressure and we can do that by using the best of modern science to help convince people of the truth of God's Word as revealed to us in the Bible. As Christians we all know that if people seek they will find, but evolution tells them there is no need to seek. There is much work to be done my friends and we need the encouragement of the many speakers, writers and scientists who do believe in the Creator God of the Bible and this, in turn, will encourage us to speak out whenever we have the opportunity.    

14th January 2014 

Professor Steve Taylor
Science and Christianity - Friends or Foes?

Stephen Taylor (BSc Eng (London), MEng, PhD (Liverpool), ACGI, FIEE, FInstP, CEng) is a professor at the University of Liverpool in the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science, and is Chairman of the University Staff Christian Fellowship.

He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in electromagnetics, nanotechnology, and design. He is head of the mass spectrometry research group at the University, which in the 1990s was responsible for the invention and development of the world’s smallest mass spectrometer. He is director of a university spin-out company seeking to commercialize mass spectrometry technology.

After his previous talk on The Age of the Earth we welcomed this return visit by Steve Taylor to discuss the issues of Science and Christianity - Friends or Foes?
Again this is a topic that can cause people to get a little 'hot under the collar' but Steve demonstrated that a right minded approach can lead to some very positive results.
At first glance it would seem that here are two opposing world views but Steve showed that this was not necessarily the case. His talk highlight the issues and his conclusions brought a greater understanding to this very important subject.
This was a gentle challenge to sceptics from both camps and whether you are a Christian, or not, or a Scientist, or not, ( or working at being both!) we trust that all of us will have benefited from this discussion and emerged with a clearer understanding of the various roles at play.
There was a time for questions and answers afterwards. 

19th November 2013
John Perkins
"Reliability of the Old Testament - Is Genesis Historically Set in Stone?"
John is a historian and he did a presentation on the Old Testament. He is also the Head of History at Campion School and Language College, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, and has been teaching for almost 36 years. He is a very influential teacher and an expert on Calvinism and John also holds a distinction level Master's Degree in History. In the year 2000 John received a teaching award for Northamptonshire and was subsequently listed in the top forty "Teachers of the Millennium" in England by "The Guardian".

He asked the question, should we accept the Old Testament as real History, and especially the first eleven chapters of Genesis? We are often told that the early Genesis is mythological or allegorical or just poetic, but is this right? If this is so then when or where does the reality of Genesis truly begin? Or should we just dismiss the whole of Genesis as a nice story to explain the beginnings? Were Adam and Eve, and Noah and his family real people living out real events? What about the tower of Babel? How about Abraham and Joseph? We listened to a fascinating insight to the Genesis account and the reliability of the Old Testament as a whole. There was good evidence to support the histrocity of the Old Testament and how it inpacts on our understanding of the truth of God's word? We were shown what we can learn from the other people groups of that time such as the Egyptians, Sumarians, Medes, Hitties, Assyrians etc, etc!

CHECK OUT resources for suitable reference books to John's talk!

Did you miss the "Ark Man" Rod Walsh from Australia, on tour in Wales and Ireland!
Tuesday 17th to Friday 19th September 2013 in Wales and Sunday 22nd to Sunday 29th September 2013 in the Republic and Northern Ireland.
check the website for Rod's profile and date details.

24th September 2013
Dominic Statham - CMI B.Sc., D.I.S., M.I.E.T., C.Eng.
People often ask about the different 'Races' and where do they come from? Evolutionists use the 'races' argument to proclaim one group of humans to be superior to another and in so doing promote their theory of evolution.  i.e. that we are all gradually evolving to a higher species. The consequences of this type of thinking can can lead to an inbalance in the relationship between different people groups and bring about racial tensions of which we are all to familiar. So what are the facts? We listened to Dominic as he carefully unfolded the truth of our origins and revealed the myths of evolutionary thinking for what it is. A skilfully crafted presentation that challenged us all on the race issues and especially the question of skin colour. This was an opportunity to be fully informed on this crucial subject. A time for Q and A followed.

21st May 2013
Professor Andy Mcintosh - Thermodynamics at Leeds.
The Human Body Mind and Matter.

12th March 2013
Doctor Stephen Hays
Could God have Created through Evolution? 

Sorry if you missed the 'ice man' tour with Mike Oard!
September 2013 was your chance to hear a long-standing creationist researcher with vast in-depth experience of several areas at the cutting edge of creationist thinking. CMI-USA speaker Michael Oard was making his first visit to the UK, conducting original research on the geomorphology of the British Isles and speaking on several very topical subjects:
The Ice Age: Only the Bible can Explain it!
Whatever Happened to the Woolly Mammoths?
Is Man the Cause of Global Warming?

Mike has a B.S. and M.S. degree in atmospheric science. Among other things, he was a research meteorologist at the University of Washington, then a lead forecaster with the United States National Weather Service in Montana (Western U.S.). Mike is, therefore, very well placed to teach on the above topics, quite apart from his numerous publications in the field.
Two of the nearest events he attended are shown below, for a full list of dates and Mike's credentials click on the web site link.
Friday 13 September 2013, 7.30pm, 8.45pm, public meeting, Holywell Church Ph:01509 557752, Berkeley Road, Loughborough,Leicestershire, LE11 3SJ. (England)
Saturday 14 September 2013, 7.30pm, 8.45pm, public meeting, Northants Creation Group Ph:01604766476, The Abbey centre, Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, Northampton, NN4 0RZ. (England)

22nd January 2013
Professor Stuart Burgess

20th November 2012
Phillip Bell - B - Sc(Hons)Zoology,
Creation Ministries International (UK/EUROPE - CEO)
Evidence for the Flood from Fossils and Geology                    

11th September 2012
Mark Wilkinson - BEd, CDRS;

10th July 2012
Geoff. Chapman - Creation Resource Trust
"Who do you think you are?" on the subject of Human Origins 

25th May 2012
Doctor David Catchpoole - Creation Ministries ( Australia )
Special youth meeting at BEC, but all ages welcome!

15th May 2012
Professor Steve Taylor -Liverpool - Answers in Genesis
The Age of the Earth and how science points to a young Earth.
Our thanks to Professor Steve Taylor for his thought provoking talk on "The Age of the Earth" last Tuesday evening. Steve started with his own personal testimony before giving us his views on the scientific evidence that point to an Age of the Earth of only a few thousand years and not the billions of years as proclaimed by evulotionary scientists. He presented a very convincing argument on a number of key issues and backed this up with good solid scientific evidence, an irrefutable challenge in many areas for our evolutionist friends. Among some of the topics covered were the issues of Radiometric Dating, 14c in coal and diamonds, fossils and the recent finds of soft tissues in T-Rex Dinosaur bones that are supposed to be some 65million years old! We were also shown a short clip from a new DVD entitled "Set in Stone" using geological evidence from around the UK. This a high quality documentary style programme that looks at key issues with regards to interpreting the rock formations that support a Young Earth view, and is well worth adding to your library. So, again we thank Steve and trust that you all enjoyed the question and answer session that followed. We also thank him for his input to the on going debate that supports the Creation interpretation of the scriptures. Some of  you even had a chance to talk with Steve on a one-to-one basis afterwards, and we trust that you were blessed by his commitment to the truth of this ministry.

13th March 2012
Professor Colin Garner - Eng. Loughborough 
Creation and Evolution:why it matters what you believe

24th January 2012
Professor Stuart Burgess - Eng. Bristol
Intelligent Design